How To Advertise Your Gaming App

When you think of a game, the first ones that come to mind are Arena of Valor, Monster Strike, Candy Crush, etc. These games did not become famous overnight. The marketing teams planned and executed strategies rigorously to get to the stage where they are now.

The world of marketing needs a lot of planning and a bit of luck, regardless of what product you market. The gaming market is especially competitive because of how quickly the trends change. Not long ago, people were mad about catching Pokemons. There was no place left that wasn’t seen through the mobile camera lens.


The marketing strategy’s success is when the game stays on the top list even after years (like Candy Crush). How to find the path for your new game? Here are some tips that can help,

The Beta Launch

It is the human mind that wants to feel exclusive and included. When you set your game for a soft launch that includes influencers or media personals – it creates a hype that people can’t resist.

The best example of this strategy is Clubhouse. Though it is a social media platform, it created a huge buzz amongst the general public. Create an exclusive only and allow the users to give feedback on the experience. It creates curiosity and enhances the interests of the people.


Social media and emails

One of the easiest ways to reach out to the masses is through social media. These platforms allow you to interact with people of different demographics. In return, it builds your brand while you access information about the public’s interests.

Another way to communicate with people is email marketing. It is more efficient because of its ability to interact individually (which isn’t much possible on social media). Generate a list of email addresses and send them emails that are curated as per their interests. Email finder tools such as are beneficial. It comes with a chrome extension to Linkedin as well as a Gmail account that allows you to verify, validate and send emails with just a click!

App Store Optimization

As an avid mobile user yourself, what are the common factors you observe when finding a gaming app to download ? Of course, you’d see the title, the description and then look for screenshots of the game. The same idea applies when publishing your game in the stores.

Firstly, make the application versatile enough to work on Android and iOS. Then, work on the game’s icon, screenshots and videos. When you upload quality content, it will improve the app’s downloads organically. This process is called App Store Optimization, wherein you try to analyze the keywords and trends to utilize them for apps better ranking.


Final thoughts

Apart from the above points, you can run paid campaigns on social media and offer cross-promotion with other gaming applications. The gist of the planning should be to promote your game to as many people as possible. Find the platforms that resonate best with the company’s interests and act accordingly.