How to Win as a Survivor in Evil Dead: The Game

When it comes to the fight against an ancient evil like the Kandarian Demon, either you win, or you will be dead. For those of you who are excited to start the fun in Evil Dead: The Game, it is very important to know your objectives as the Survivor. While there will be plenty going on around you during any session, having this guide on how to win as a Survivor in Evil Dead: The Game will give you the advantage you need.

How to Win as a Survivor in Evil Dead: The Game

After taking your pick from the 13 Survivors available in the game, it is time to start your battle against the Kandarian Demon and all those pesky Deadites.

  1. Uncover the Map pieces.

    By obtaining these map pieces, you will be able to see where the Necronomicon Pages are.

  2. Recover the Necronomicon Pages.

    Once you know the locations, head over and stand guard for about 10-15 seconds to successfully obtain these important items. Be wary of the enemies that will come for you.

  3. Next, get the Kandarian Dagger.

    Once you are done with the Necronomicon Pages, it is time to pick up the best weapon you can get. The same process applies here, so be alert while trying to recover the dagger.

  4. Defeat the Dark Ones.

    With the dagger in hand, it is time to defeat the Dark Ones. Follow the button prompts while dodging any attacks to defeat them/

  5. Close the breach.

    Head over to the breach, and get ready for a fight.

  6. Defend the Necronomicon.

    Look after the book at all costs! The Deadites and the Demon will target the book, so keep them at bay for about two minutes. Do that successfully and you win.

It is not an easy task, but with good planning and communications, you can make sure that everyone on the team makes it out alive, or maybe not. As long as one of you is alive, the Survivors win, so keep each other healthy! If you are about to find the important Pink F bottles, you can give yourself a better chance by upgrading your stats.

That is all the key information on how to win as a Survivor in Evil Dead: The Game. For everything else, be sure to search Twinfinite for other tips and information on the game.

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