HuniePop 2: Double Date Gets Updated Trailer, New Screenshots, & Steam Page

Fans of the puzzle dating simulator HuniePop have been eagerly waiting for its sequel, HuniePop 2: Double Date, and one more step has been made toward release.

The developer has opened the official Steam page for the game, which is still on track for a release before Valentine’s Day.

If you’re unfamiliar with the HuniePop franchise, the first game launched on Steam back in 2015 as a hybrid between a puzzle game, a visual novel, and a dating sim. Despite its rather alluring nature, it drew a lot of attention for its solid puzzle mechanics and the beautiful artwork.

As a result, it still has “overwhelmingly positive” user reviews on Steam.

You can check out the updated trailer (with the addition of voice-overs and more compared to the previous gameplay trailer) and the screenshots below, alongside an official feature list.

  • A blend of old friends and fresh faces make up a twelve character cast, each with their own unique personality, problems and preferences!
  • Double dates encourage you to split your time and attention between two girls with an all new “Stamina” system!
  • Revamped gameplay systems create a stronger connection between the “Sim” and “Puzzle” portions of the game!
  • Loads of new date gifts to give with a wide variety of strategic effects, and plenty of old ones too!
  • A brand new “Baggage” system that introduces new twists and challenges as you progress on your dates!
  • Explore the exotic island of Inna De Poona with over twenty touristic tropical locations to visit!
  • A sweeping soundtrack inspired by a mix of seaside styles including Hawaiian, Caribbean and classic American surf rock!
  • Thousands of lines of fully voice acted dialog with multiple interactions between compatible pairs of girls!
  • Unlock new outfits, hairstyles, and sexy CG scenes as you date your way to the top of Mount Nymphojaro!

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