“Indianapolis has all the facilities for an F1 circuit” – F1 confirms

This weekend the 104th edition of the Indy 500 will be held in Indianapolis. On the legendary circuit the American Grand Prix was also held by Formula 1 until 2007. However, since 2012 the F1 races at COTA in Austin. Jean Todt, boss of the FIA, is also in Indianapolis this weekend and is impressed by the facilities.

He therefore thinks that the circuit could possibly organize a Grand Prix. “The responsibilities of the calendar are of course those of the commercial rights holders, but it is clear that Indianapolis has all the ingredients for an F1 circuit. It has all the necessary facilities”, explains Todt to Motorsport.com.

Indianapolis good for F1

The Indy 500 is one of the most important sporting events of the year and Jean Todt sees that they have everything in order at the track. “Roger Penske and his group took the lead here and I was very impressed with everything I saw. All the improvements that have been made have been made in a short time. Roger has already achieved a lot with the current facilities that were already at a level”.

“Indianapolis is kind of Silicon Valley when it comes to motorsports in America, so if Formula 1 proposes to have a race in Indianapolis, that would be very good for F1” – the former Scuderia Ferrari boss concluded.

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