Italian media reports on Ferrari’s aero updates for Nurburgring and Portimao

Scuderia Ferrari has already brought the necessary aerodynamic updates for the car in recent weeks and that will be no different this weekend in Germany. The Italians continue to work on the balance of the car which has been very bad since the start of the season.

Gradually the Maranello team seems to be crawling out of the valley, especially when it comes to the chassis of the car. The last Grands Prix came to the Italians with small adjustments to the car for aerodynamics. The Italian branch of will also make some changes this weekend.

New adjustments
At the last Grand Prix in Russia, Ferrari took seventh place with a few improvements to the car. For Germany, some updates that have worked on the simulator will be brought back. Ferrari would come with other barge boards, changes to the rear suspension and the newly designed diffuser.

Next weekend should show if some changes have indeed been made on the car as soon as it is visible on the track. wonders if next weekend will be the right time for the changes, as it is going to be a challenging weekend in terms of weather. On a weekend like this, testing an update is difficult because the car reacts differently in the rain.

So according to Motorsport Italy, the Ferrari upgrades for the Eifel Grand Prix are:

  • new floor
  • changes to the bargeboard area
  • adjustment on the rear suspension, positive feedback from both drivers in the simulator

While for Imola/Portimao:

  • new flow deviators
  • newly designed diffuser

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