Latest Destiny 2 TWAB Details Reprised Dreaming City & Moon Gear, Stasis Nerfs, Updated Vendor Progression, & More

The first 2021 TWAB is a doozy as it wades right into some controversial waters, and hits on a few big topics in Destiny 2 right now.

The last few weeks since Bungie went dark for the holidays has seen lots of players discontent with aspects of Destiny 2, particularly when it comes to sunsetting and the lack of weapons as we approach another season where more weapons will be removed; but also the current dominance of Stasis in PvP.

This latest TWAB does begin to address a those issues and more. Let’s start with the reprisal of some equipment from the Moon and The Dreaming City.

The armor sets will be reprised and will drop with high stat rolls in both the Shattered Throne and Pit of Heresy respectively.

Also, four weapons from each of those destinations will be added to the drop pool:

  • Dreaming City: Waking Vigil, Sleepless, Vouchsafe, and Retold Tale. 
  • Premonition (Pit of Heresy only), Heretic, Blasphemer, and Apostate. 

These weapons can drop in Pit of Heresy and when they do, they can roll with perks that cannot be found anywhere else. Finally a reason to do Shattered Throne.

However, the masterworked Dreambane armor is out for Pit of Heresy and instead is being replaced with an armor piece that drops with 7 armor energy and is guaranteed to drop with at least a +16 in two different stats with higher stats overall. Shard farmers will be upset, but at least it’s a better chance at decent armor. Also: finally a reason to do Shattered Throne.

It’s a bit perplexing why Bungie stopped short with just four weapons each, but let’s move on.

Vendors are getting a big shake up. Each vendor will now have a season pass like system where ranks will earn you set rewards as you progress. Check out what it looks like below:

Here’s the reward track for each vendor via the TWAB:

Rewards for each individual ritual are as follows: 

  • Rank 4: 3x Upgrade Modules 
  • Rank 7: 3x Enhancement Cores 
  • Rank 10: Seasonal Ritual Shader (changes to 3x Enhancement Cores after resetting your rank) 
  • Rank 13: 2x Enhancement Prisms 
  • Rank 16: Seasonal Ritual Emblem (changes to 2x Enhancement Prisms after resetting your rank) 
  • Reset Reward: Ascendant Shard (changes to Exotic Engram after resetting your rank) 

What’s odd, though, is that this only applies to Crucible and Gambit and Strikes will still operate under the old system until an undisclosed later time.

Finally, the TWAB addresses some of the balance issues with Stasis and the Crucible. There’s a lot, and I recommend popping over to the TWAB itself for a full list of changes.

However most notably, Shatterdive and Whisper of Fissures got hit with the nerf bat pretty hard:

  • Shatterdive  
    • Now has damage falloff vs. unfrozen targets  
    • Max range damage reduced from 50 to 5  
    • Damage reduction during ability reduced from 50{3851c0879557ceb6c70cddb6630c7df9a9750acfd53fffec21979e603af26faa} to 25{3851c0879557ceb6c70cddb6630c7df9a9750acfd53fffec21979e603af26faa}  
  • Whisper of Fissures 
    • Reduced max-min damage vs. non-super players from 42-22 to 30-4 
    • Reduced max-min damage vs. super players from 42-22 to 16-2 
    • Reduced detonation radius vs. players from 10m to 9m 

This isn’t the full list of changes coming to Destiny 2: Beyond Light in Season 13, and Bungie mentioned that we’ll learn more about changes to come over the next few TWABs between now and Season 13.

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