Latest Steam Deck Update Puts Power in Users’ Hands With Per-game Performance Profiles

For those that prefer gaming on the go, Valve’s Steam Deck has certainly become a viable and dependable option. Despite the initial stock issues, though, those that have gotten theirs can enjoy the likes of No Man’s Sky, Elden Ring, and even the Xbox Cloud Gaming service on it. And with Valve supporting the portable with updates, the future looks good, and it’s gotten even better with the latest Steam Deck client update.

As shared on the Steam Community page for the device, Valve has deployed several fixes that cover the general performance, online/offline modes, keyboard support, controller support, and remote play. Most importantly, the new update brings per-game performance profiles into the mix.

Players can now set game-specific performance settings instead of relying on the system default, so you will have full control of settings that can impact battery life or tweak performance to suit the games you are playing.

In order to take advantage of this new feature, simply use the Quick Access menu, navigate over to Performance, and then into Advanced View. From here, players can then change their settings per game, and these changes will be saved and applied whenever a game is launched. Should you want to revert back to system settings, there is an option to toggle the tweaks on and off as well.

With the Steam Deck getting more games added to its library, and more users getting their devices over the next few months, improving the experience can only be a good thing. Valve is certainly aware of this, and it remains to be seen just how much more the company can improve their portable hybrid device.

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