Long-Running Fantasy MMO Tera to Shut Down Servers in June

When it comes to the massively multiplayer online genre, there are certainly many choices for players. You might be in the World of Warcraft camp, or more into modern hits like Lost Ark, no matter your choice, it seems like these games are going to be there for you forever. Unfortunately, for players of long-running fantasy MMO Tera, that will no longer be the case, with developers Bluehole making the decision to end support.

The news comes via publishers Gameforge. In a new update, the team shared that the game will come to an end after close to a decade of adventuring.

“Tera’s developers, Bluehole, have decided to cease work on Tera. After much consideration, the team in South Korea have come to the conclusion that they are no longer able to offer you the exciting and satisfying content you deserve. As the last remaining publisher of Tera, it is with a heavy heart that we must respect Bluehole’s decision, and will also have to shut down the game,” Gameforge shared.

Players will have until June 30, 4 AM ET/1 AM PT to enjoy Tera before the servers go offline. In the meantime, Gameforge will be running some permanent events to send off the game with a bang.

New Tera account registrations and the ability to purchase Tera Thalers will also be deactivated on May 31. For those that still have outstanding Thaler balances, you will not be able to get a refund. That will only apply to those that have outstanding Tera Club memberships that go beyond June 30, a partial refund may be obtained from the support team after the shutdown of Tera.

For more details regarding the end of Tera, Gameforge’s FAQ will have the answers you seek.

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