Mick Schumacher is a “copy of his father”

Mick Schumacher will make his debut in free practice tomorrow and that is a great milestone for the son of the seven-time world champion. Later this year Schumacher will be in action again and rumours are that he will compete in the Alfa Romeo next year. He will probably sit next to veteran Kimi Raikkonen.

Copy of his father

The eyes are logically on Schumacher, who will take an important step in his career tomorrow. It is also a way to see if he really is ready for Formula 1. Raikkonen will at least see his father back in him. “He’s a copy of his father in many ways, and it’s great to see him. I think it’s nice that he’ll be in the car tomorrow.”

“Obviously it’s sad for Antonio, but it’s FP1 and hopefully the weather can be kind of OK so we’ll get the normal running. If it’s just miserable like today then it’s not gonna be that much fun, but I think it’s great to see him doing his first FP1”, said the Finn in more words than usual to Race fans.
Not the easiest debut

Charles Leclerc also has something to say about Schumacher’s forthcoming debut: “Looking at the conditions of this weekend, it’s probably not the easiest of the debuts. But speaking to him, I think every time he tried a Formula 1 car or a new car, it was always in the rain. So it won’t change much for him.”

“It is going to be a tricky session, but he doesn’t have to prove anything. I think he has proved everything he had to in Formula 2 this season. And I’m sure he will do a great job tomorrow”, concluded Leclerc. Finally, Vettel also says that the moment for Schumacher is there, he has earned it.

“I think he deserves his shot this weekend. Hopefully we’ll see him not not only tomorrow, but another Friday this year and then hopefully in the car and the races next year. He’s leading the Formula 2 championship and I hope he can seal a seat for next year. I think he’s a great kid.”

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