Mick Schumacher to test for Ferrari at Fiorano

The possibility of testing the 2021 car are very limited this year. Scuderia  Ferrari, amongst others, therefore chooses to give their drivers some time in an older car. They will do so next week at their own Fiorano and not only Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc will be at the start there.

It is now certain that this will happen in the 2018 car. According to the regulations, a car from two years or older may be used for testing, so the 2019 car could also be used. However, according to RaceFans.net, Ferrari is opting to use the 2018 SF71H because that chassis is more readily available.

Sainz for the first time at Ferrari
Sainz and Leclerc are expected to each get a full day to get the feel of a Formula One car again. For Sainz it will be the first time he has driven for the Scuderia. Perhaps more interesting is the addition of five young talents who will also be featured during the test.

Perhaps the most notable of these is Mick Schumacher. He is now under contract to Haas for next season, but his ties to Ferrari are as strong as ever. He will take the Thursday afternoon and Friday morning test, giving him more time than the other talents. According to Motorsport-Total.com, the full test schedule looks as follows:

Ferrari-test at Fiorano

January 25th: Alesi / Armstrong / Shwartzman
Januray 26th: Charles Leclerc
January 27th: Carlos Sainz
January 28th: Sainz / Schumacher
January 29th: Schumacher / Ilott

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