Mountain Biking Models Worth Considering in 2022

Whether you are just starting your adventure with mountain biking or enjoying this sport for some time already, good equipment is a must. The models we’ve listed in this article will bring your experience to the next level.

Mountain biking is a spectacular and demanding discipline – no wonder that it attracts an increasing number of sports enthusiasts. It gives you some adrenaline while guaranteeing an opportunity to enjoy the spectacular views. And with the appropriate equipment, it’s much more pleasurable! More advanced bikers will confirm that the choice of the bike determines your first experience. But which model to choose, if there are so many available? We’ve got some suggestions of versatile, powerful bikes!

Evil Following

Evil Following

Evil bikes are well known among bikers for their great quality and adaptability to different routes, but the all-mountain Evil Following really brings your experience to the next level. The idea was to create a model that copes with steep trails, providing the user with maximum comfort and safety. Just like with the previous model that has brought the brand popularity, the designers decide to use much larger wheels. Evil Following is stylish but also innovative due to:

  • Superboost standard (it enabled using the downhill tires as wide as 2.6′) 
  • 430 cm long back fork (it facilitates learning manual)
  • Sound Mounds (chainstays cover that mutes the hits of the chain)

You can choose one of three configurations of the Evil Following, with the cheapest available for around 7000$. If you would like to invest in technological innovations, we recommend going for AXS configuration.


Evil Wreckoning V3

Evil wrecroning v3

If you’re looking for a powerful Enduro MTB variant that handles ramps as well as it does the downhill rides, this model will be your match! It keeps all the great qualities of Enduros which are perfect for downhill while having this additional quality. Its construction is not very typical – the back part is relatively short. That makes it very stable and light at the same time.

What makes it so good with ramps? The main reason is the application of SRAM GX drivetrain and 430 mm chainstay. Let’s not forget about the down tube’s angle – 76.3. That feature also contributes to its great capacity for handling ramps.

These two models are appreciated among the most experienced bikers for their versatility and quality – but there are much more worth considering! If you’re not that familiar with the technical aspects of the bikes yet, we recommend shopping in specialized shops with trained staff passionate about this sport that can advise you on the purchase! And to make it 100% adjusted to your needs, reach out to custom bike builders – they will combine all the desirable features in one model!