New cooling configuration for 2021 Ferrari. More capacity on the top intake

With the occasion of the video that portrayed the fire-up of the Ferrari SF21 engine, it was possible to notice that the design of the airbox has been modified with two additional air intakes on the sides of those for the engine. It is possible that the Cavallino technicians have decided to rearrange some elements of the cooling system on the 6 cylinders. We will only have confirmation on 10 March when the car will be officially presented.

The Ferrari SF21 will only be seen on March 10 when the single-seater will be presented, but the engine fire-up video that was posted showed us the first novelty of the Ferrari 2021 red: the image highlights the airbox that has a new design compared to that of the SF1000 which was triangular in shape with a horizontal partition.

Judging from the images that have been published, Scuderia Ferrari has decided to change, going in the direction of Mercedes with an oval air intake that adopts two additional air intakes in the outer portions.

The feeling is that the technicians of Maranello have decided to intervene in the arrangement of the radiant masses. It is possible that some elements of the cooling system moved above the 6-cylinder, as was the case in the past, before the choice was made to pack the radiators in a sandwich inside the bellies.

The intention was to reduce the section of the bonnet to have a more efficient rear wing with the same surface area, but the effect was that of a low efficiency of the fluid dynamics in the sides, with an aerodynamic lock that created drag, i.e. drag due to low straight-line speeds, regardless of the lack of power of the engine.

It is therefore possible that Enrico Cardile and his colleagues have thought of a redistribution of the radiators on the SF21. We will have confirmation only two days before the start of the official winter testing session, when the new Ferrari car will be seen in its final form.

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