Official: Barcelona turn down a €200 million+ sponsorship by rejecting La Liga’s CVC proposal

A little under two weeks ago, La Liga proposed a deal to Barcelona which would have them receive €270 million as part of a deal with the league’s deal with the CVC. Having read in between the lines, Joan Laporta noted a number of details within the contract that he deemed detrimental to the future of the club.

The deal with the company would have Barcelona earn a great deal of money from it, enough to take them out of their financial handicap. This would have also secured the registering of the four summer transfers as well as Lionel Messi, who now plays for PSG.

The club, represented by the Director of football, Mateu Alemany, has positioned itself against the CVC. “At the last minute, it included a clause that stipulates that the television rights of the clubs that have voted against the motion shall remain intact,” announced the club in an official statement.

The obvious consequence of rejecting the deal is that those who do “shall be under no obligation to receive the financial injection that shall affect the next fifty years of the life of the body.”

Barcelona is not alone in rejecting this offer. The likes of Real Madrid and Athletic Club, the only three clubs to never have been relegated from La Liga, have shown their opposition to the deal as well. As the Catalans stated, the three are teams which “defend their membership and assembly-based ownership systems.”

As such one president on a short tenure cannot make decisions that impact the club for over half a century. This, especially given the ever-evolving nature of the sport, could necessitate Barcelona joining a competition such as the Super League at some point within the next fifty years.

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