Revealed: Neymar hints to Messi reunion at PSG

The big news, probably one of the biggest news ever to see the light of day in the world of football hit the doors today as within an hour of spiraling rumours, Barcelona announced that Lionel Messi will not be continuing at the club.

While suspicious, the news itself was insanely tough to swallow. The statement itself looked farce. But while everyone was soaking in the emotion, discussing conspiracies, one question that looked over them like the giant over Jack was, “Where is Messi off to?”

The obvious answers were either Manchester City or Paris-Saint Germain, with the latter looking more probable. This looked further set in stone as Manchester City announced the signing of Jack Grealish with the #10 jersey, and Neymar Jr liked an Instagram post with an illustration of him and Messi hugging.

Neymar has never hidden his desire to reunite with Messi on the pitch. Since leaving Barcelona in 2017 for a record-breaking €222 million, he’s been linked back every year, almost as tradition. But now it seems the tides have turned in the favour of PSG.

The duo played together for four seasons, forming the legendary MSN trio with Luis Suarez. The clock ticks by quickly. 

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