Spectacular Microsoft Flight Simulator Video Pays Homage to Super Bowl LV Bomber Flyover

One of the spotlights of this year’s Super Bowl was a flyover performed by the US Air Force, and it happened in Microsoft Flight Simulator as well.

The historical flyover showcased the three major bombers in service with the US Air Force, the B-2 Spirit, the B-1B Lancer, and the B-52 Stratofortress.

They flew over the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida in a rater tight formation for aircraft of their size.

YouTube user FlyFS uploaded a video of the flyover reproduced in Microsoft Flight Simulator by three skilled valiant virtual pilots connected online, and you can check it out below, alongside a video of the real thing, courtesy of m171562.

You’ll notice that the position of the aircraft in the formation is different (led by the B-52 instead of the B-2), and that’s simply because the flyover in Microsoft Flight Simulator happened before the real one, so there was no way to know what the actual positions would be.

Incidentally, FlyFS’ channel is quite spectacular as a whole, specialized in formation flying, which is much, much more challenging and requires much, much more skill than it looks. On top of that, flying formation with aircraft as different as those showcased is even more difficult.

If you’re wondering, the three aircraft are not available natively in Microsoft Flight Simulator. They are legacy models imported from Flight Simulator X, but they still look really impressive in the new sim.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available for Windows 10 and Steam and will release in summer 2021 for Xbox Series X ad Series S.

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