Splitgate Developers Had to Take Servers Offline Due to Crazy Demand

Recently, the development team at 1047 Games had to take Splitgate servers offline due to the immense amount of players online that caused server instability.

Taking the beta offline, the 1047 Games team explained below that their servers can only hold up to a total of 65,536 players at one time. A threshold that the players reached over.

In a Twitter statement by the developers, last night they decided to shut the servers to prevent players from having a bad experience. They also rewarded all players with five in-game drops to compensate for the issue.

Although having server issues are never a good thing, having too many players for a game from a small four person development studio shows how popular it is getting. It has been receiving very positive reviews on Steam and has even topped the Steam charts for trending games earlier this week.

Splitgate has gained tremendous popularity in the last week as the launch of their open beta for consoles and pc brought in 600,000 downloads in the first six days. The PvP portal shooter is currently free to play and will be released July 27, as free to play. On its official release, it will feature cross-play for PC, Xbox, and Playstation.

Described by developers as a “Halo meets Portal” game, fans of old-school fps have flocked over to try the game out. Offering a fresh style to the classic gameplay of Halo, the ability to place portals for strategic maneuvers in combat sets itself apart from the usual PvP games. This caused a tremendous amount of demand from the developers to keep up with the players during the open beta.

With a free-to-play game that is so closely described to Halo and with Halo Infinite releasing this holiday season, there’s a clear incentive for many players to flock over to Splitgate.

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