Today’s Wordle Answer (May 22, 2022)

It’s a new day and that means there’s a fresh Wordle answer to be resolved. With it being a Sunday, chances are you’re trying to solve the brainteaser on your day off work. In this guide, we’ll be giving you today’s Wordle answer for May 22, 2022, so you can keep that winning streak going.

What’s the Best Word to Start with in Wordle?

Often, the best words to start with are any that have two or more vowels, as this can drastically reduce the amount of words the solution can be.

We’re a big fan of using ‘audio’ as our first word, as it has four of the five vowels in it straight away, plus the letter ‘d’ tends to be a pretty common letter to pop-up, too.

You can check out our recommendations for the best words to start with in Wordle here.

A Hint for Today’s Wordle Solution

Not looking for a complete giveaway of the answer for today’s word-based conundrum? Well, good news, that’s what this section’s for. We’ve provided a little bullet point list of hints specific to today’s Wordle answer, so you can use as many, or as few as you like to help you keep that streak going, without just completely cheating.

  • The word contains two vowels.
  • Today’s wordle answer doesn’t have any repeating letters.
  • It’s a fairly common and well-known word.
  • They say that today’s solution makes the world go round.
  • It begins with the letter M.

Today’s (May 22, 2022) Wordle Answer for Game #337 Is…


Money is a noun for currency which can come in all sorts of different forms. The type of money varies depending on the country or area of the world. For example, many European countries use the Euro, while the United States of America uses the US Dollar, and the Great Britain uses the Great British Pound.

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Did you get today’s Wordle answer? Let us know down in the comments below and share your longest streak with your fellow players.

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