War of the Visions Gets FFX Collab Rerun this Week; New Valefor Vision Card Details Revealed

As announced last week, the Final Fantasy X collaboration event will be returning to War of the Visions this Wednesday. All players will get Tidus for free, while Yuna and Auron will be available as banner units for the next few weeks.

In addition to that, we’ll also see the release of a new UR Vision Card. The Vision Card, simply named Valefor, is a Light-based card that will work well with Light magic users. Here are the details:

  • Party Abilities: Magic Attack Res Piercing Rate Up/ Magic Attack Up/ Dark Eater Up
  • Limited Bestowed Effects: MAG Up/ Area Attack Res Up/ Max HP Up

If you manage to pull the Vision Card, you’ll also get Valefor as an Esper, which will be a nice bonus if you need to further round up your Light team. Here’s a quick look at the Esper’s Evocation Magic:

  • Energy Blast: Evokes Valefor, deals Light Dmg (Max) to targets within range and activates temporary Map Effects (raises allies’ ATK/MAG and increases effect for Light units and significantly lowers enemies’ Light Res).

Just like previous collaboration events, there will be bingo boards available for the Vision Card, as well as Tidus, Yuna, and Auron, allowing players to rack up a large amount of shards quickly.

There are plenty of other changes to look forward to in this week’s upcoming update as well. Guild battles are getting a pretty big overhaul, with the implementaion of seasonal cups and new titles for guild members to chase. We’ll see the release of the next set of story chapters this week, coinciding with a Triple-Up campaign for EXP and JP, and a Double-Up campaign for unit Hard Quests.

Finally, we’re also seeing the release of a new PvE event called Path of the Conqueror. Details are pretty scant on this one right now, but essentially, it’s being described as a quest where your enemies “grow in number and in strength as you progress”. Players will be able to earn rewards like EXP Cubes, Nameless Hero’s Memories, and summon tickets for Secret Books of Refinement.

War of the Visions is now available on mobile devices, and the Final Fantasy X event is set to run from June 22 to Aug. 2

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