What do the engines of 2026 look like? FIA explains

For the time being, Formula 1 runs with the current V6-Turbo hybrid engines. Until 2025 these will be the sources of power with which the F1 cars will drive. From 2026 new engines will be used and FIA Single Seaters technical head Nikolas Tombazis says they need to become even greener.

Greener Formula 1
It is a difficult process to determine what kind of engines the F1 will run from 2026 onwards. In any case, it will be important for Formula 1 to continue to become increasingly greener. Some teams have proposed to move away from the rule of maximum oil or fuel consumption per 100 kilometres.

According to Tombazis, all such proposals are taken into account: “There are such considerations. But if we were to do such a thing, we would not limit the fuel to one race distance, but to one lap. We cannot compare Monaco with Spa-Francorchamps,” said Tombazis in conversation with Auto, Motor und Sport.

Simplifying control
“Such a reform would amount to a complete change in the rules, with everyone having to build new engines. But we are already thinking about the engine rules of 2026, where we want to take another big step towards green technology and sustainability,” concludes Tombazis. With the new rules, the FIA also wants to simplify the control process.

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