You Can Now Thrill the Tourists in Microsoft Flight Simulator With Princess Juliana Airport

A new thrill has been added to Microsoft Flight Simulator thanks to a newly-released add-on by Airworthy Designs.

The third-party developer just released its Saint Martin & Gran Case add-on for Microsoft’s new sim adding the popular tourist destination on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin.

This includes both the famous Saint Juliana International Airport and Grand Case-Espérance Airport, respectively on the Dutch and French sides of the island.

Saint Juliana is especially famous for having a beach just beyond the fence on the approach to Runway 10, thrilling tourists with extremely low passes just over their heads, often encouraging rather reckless behaviors.

The scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator comes equipped with plenty of beachgoers for you to scare by landing just beyond the fence just as low as you possibly can.

The package costs €19.51 including VAT, so the price may vary slightly depending on where you’re located.

Below you can see a few screenshots and a summary of what you get.

  • Detailed rendition of BOTH Princess Juliana and L`esperance airports
  • FPS optimized with agressive LOD setups and efficient use of texture assets
  • Custom ortho textures for the airport surroundings
  • Maho beach brought to life with dynamic animations and custom lighting
  • Custom mesh
  • Detailed Interiors
  • Multi-layered ground poly
  • Over 5000 hand placed objects
  • PBR workflow for all scenery assets
  • Continued support with content updates 

During an event a few days ago, the developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator shared a lot of details about future planstalked about the success of the simulator defining it as a “thriving platform,” and detailed the upcoming world update focusing on the United States.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available for Windows 10 and Steam. An Xbox version is also planned sometime in the next year.

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